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Confession Box

In Kalyuga one is tempted to perform lots of wrong deeds or bad karmas, either knowingly or unknowingly. All these ill-deeds show results and reflect in our present life-time and in our future life-times. It is these deeds which also determine our destiny or fate in the future life-times. 

Do you sometimes wonder why your friend was born with a silver spoon, blessed with so much more than you and has everything one can desire in life. Or another person is born with so little and has to struggle for even basics like food and shelter ? All this is a result of one's 'karmas' in past life-times.


What is your 'Karma'

By Good 'karma' one means the Right 'karma'. This certainly does not mean one has to live the life of a saint. Not at all. It just means doing the right thing. In every given circumstance, there is only one thing that is right as per Nature. One should use one's consciousness to find out what that right 'karma' is and do that. 

This includes being true to the self. The most essential 'karma' is to know yourself, what lies deep inside you, so that you are not able to fool yourself, or be dishonest with yourself. One has to learn to face facts and the truth, howsoever ugly it may be. This helps one to do 'pashchataap' or penance, which is the only way to neutralize ill-deeds or karmas which are wrong as per Nature. If you are truly sorry for the wrong you may have done, intentionally or unintentionally, you should confess to yourself and to God Almighty, and ask for His forgiveness.

If you are earnest, honest and humble, He can forgive the greatest sin, and free you from it's ill-effects.

You can make a confession at gurudev@godpromise.com
and pray for forgiveness for your sins to the Almighty. Confessions are read only by 'Gurudev Narayan Maharaj Ji'.
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