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The sages in India invented the science of Gems. It is related to planets and colors. The planets which affect human beings are nine. Astrology has discovered the deep relationship between the human body, mind, planets, and gems and analyzed it so that it can me used for the benefit of mankind.

Gems are endowed with divine power. It has been clearly experienced that the real gems are not easily available to the common people. Even if they succeed to acquire them, they sometimes are not able to get benefit from them because of not wearing the right gem.

Different Gems and their benefits

Diamond : The adverse effect of Venus planet can cause phlegmatic jaundice, sexual debility and secret sexual diseases. To assuage the diseases caused due to evil effect of Venus, one should wear Diamond.

Ruby : On wearing a Ruby one becomes immune to the effects of poison. Its use leads to generate the mental and spiritual powers and release special divine thoughts in the mind.

Pearl : When the planet moon is malefic, a person can suffer from loss of semen through urine, rheumatic and mental diseases, and instability. Life becomes full of struggles and circumstances are unfavorable. To remove these malefic effects person should wear pearl.

Coral : Any person for whom Mars is malefic should wear a Corel. Those who have been defeated by enemies, are hopeless about their future, are struggling in life should wear coral.

Emerald : Emerald saves a person from troubles, increases power of faculty, gives mental peace, pacifies the anger and improves eye sight. It keeps the body healthy and mind happy. It is used to counter the ill-effects of mercury.

Yellow Sapphire : It's use brings about affection and harmonious relations amongst family members. The reputation of the person increases day-by-day and one is respected everywhere.

Blue sapphire : This is a very strong gem and its' use can be adverse sometimes. It purifies the mind, charges it with virtuous thoughts and positive attitude. Sapphire is worn to protect one from the evil effects of Saturn.

Hessonite  : It is the indicator of planet Rahu or Dragon's Head. It is used to counter the ill-effects of Rahu which can cause students to be disinterested in studies, spouse to be struck with sickness or a person can be disturbed with a restless mind. In all these situations Hessonite helps.

Cat's Eye : It's use removes physical weakness and mental worries. If cat's eye acts favorably, it makes one a wealthy person.

Caution : Gems should be worn as per Horoscope, only after Consultation and Recommendation of an Expert Astrologer with experience, knowledge and expertise'.

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