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Vedic Astrology is a science so accurate and advanced that it enables the expert Astrologer to study the Horoscope and pin-point the weak and problem areas because of which the person will never make any headway or prosper in life, and get what he wants or yearns for inspite of the best of his efforts. No amount of effort or ability will yield any results if there are untreated flaws in the Horoscope. And every Horoscope has some faults in the form of Weak, Ill-placed, and Malefic planets which inevitably give negative effect.

It is very dangerous to leave these faults untreated because their effect becomes more and more serious with passage of time. These Planetary Afflictions can play havoc with a person's life and create problems in career, business, marriage and family life, and affect all major aspects like health, happiness, income, success. One might have to face numerous problems and struggles, experience failures and losses, and suffer from fears, tensions, worries and dissatisfaction in life.

Most of these Planetary Afflictions can be cured and corrected with the help of Vedic Remedies. These are Astrological 'Upayas' and Spiritual solutions which are devised specifically for the Person after detailed study and analysis of all important aspects of his Horoscope. Vedic Remedies appease Malefic Planets, neutralize their negative affects, energize Benefic Planets and enhance their positive influences. If performed as suggested, these Vedic Remedies can make an enormous difference in one's life.  They solve problems, remove hurdles, change adverse situations to favorable circumstances and make it very easy to achieve what one wants. They can change a person's Destiny and his Future life.

According to Gurudev, Vedic Remedies are most useful for every person who wants to attain Spiritual and Material benefits, fulfill his Worldly desires, and lead a Happy Fulfilled life.


Types of Horoscopes

 Vedic Horoscope

71 US $


 Vedic Remedies

51 US $


 Vedic Horoscope and Remedies

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Vedic Horoscope
Contains Astrological Chart, Special observations and Readings on all aspects of life, and Predictions by Gurudev. It includes study and analysis of Horoscope to identify reasons for Problems and Suffering in life. Is one a victim of Black Magic, or suffering due to Planetary Afflictions, or any other factor.

Vedic Remedies
Contains sure-shot Remedies to
cure and correct all kinds of Afflictions and Malefic affects which create Problems, Hurdles and Suffering in life, and help one to fulfil one's desires and lead a normal happy life.

The Horoscopes and Remedies are the most useful guides for the rest of your life.


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All Recommendations and work is carried under the expert guidance and supervision of
'Gurudev Narayan Maharaj Ji' who has more than 50 years of experience in Vedic and Remedial Astrology and has solved the problems of millions of people all over the world.
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