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In Kalyuga, life is more difficult for a human being.
Fulfilment of desires is not easy.
One faces numerous hindrances, problems and difficulties. One has to make extra effort and take additional steps to get what one desires.
This is where Vedic Astrology comes in.

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''I owe most of the things I have in my life to you. I am  beyond words for all the peace and blessings you have helped bring into my life.''
"In the last 5 years I have come back to you again and again, and you have never disappointed me. Many of my problems and issues have got resolved with your help and guidance. I want to thank you for everything you have done for me."
"I love you so much, if only you really knew. You never cease to amaze me. You're one of the best people God placed in my life. You're my guardian angels here on earth."

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''The main causes of suffering of humans in this age
and the reasons for being in a particular state
in the present situation
are only THREE -
Planetary Afflictions, Black Magic, Wrong Karmas.''

- Gurudev Narayan Maharaj ji 

Planetary Afflictions

Planetary afflictions are the ill-effects of some malefic Planets in one's Birth Horoscope. Planets give good or bad, negative or positive effects in a person's life, and these effects are determined by their position and placement at the time of birth.

Planetary afflictions can be cured and improved with the help of Vedic Astrology. Gurudev advices Planetary Talisman, Yajnas and Vedic Remedies to cure Planetary afflictions and remove Faults in Horoscope. Because every Horoscope has some weak and ill-placed Planets and other inherent faults which inevitably give negative effects in life - they stop a person from doing what he wants to and attain what he yearns for in life.

Black magic, Evil spells, Ghosts & Spirits

Black magic, Occult, Evil Spells, Curses is the intentional use of negative energies and supernatural powers by some jealous and negative people to harm and destroy other's life and future. Ghosts & Spirits are unsettled souls who have not reached their correct destination, and spread negativity, ill-luck and bad vibrations with their presence. All these evil influences which are not in a person's hands, destroy his mental peace, happiness, luck, and future prospects. He will not even get what he is destined for.

Cure of Black magic and Evil Spells requires a high level of spiritual knowledge, rigorous discipline, immense expertise' and special Cosmic blessing. According to Gurudev, these Supernatural influences and Negative energies are very active in Kalyuga, and it is very necessary to protect oneself from their evil affects and guard one's future.

Past Deeds & 'Karmas'

'Karmas' are deeds performed by a person in past and present lifetimes. All good and bad deeds of past lifetimes are carried forward. What has been sowed in the past is reaped in the present. In this way, 'karmas' affect the incidents and happenings, what we get and what we are deprived of in this lifetime.

Past 'karmas' cannot be changed, but there are certain 'karmas' which can be performed in the present to neutralize the wrongs committed in the past, and overcome their after-effects. These include specific 'Spiritual karmas' which help grant Spiritual forgiveness and freedom from debt of past 'karmas'. The simplest of these are performance of rituals like Yajnas & Pujas, worship of Yantras, recitation of Mantras, Daily worship, and Faith in God.


Gurudev's advice on 'How to overcome these problems'

According to Gurudev, these are the steps one can take and actions one can perform in order to overcome these negative affects, improve one's present condition and future life, and attain what one desires in life.

In a nutshell, the measures one can take are :

Yajnas and Vedic Remedies to cure Planetary Afflictions and faults in Horoscope, and appease negative Planets.

Gurudev's Talisman for protection and cure of Black Magic, Evil Spells and other Negative influences of 'Kalyuga'.

Gayatri Mantra and Daily Worship for improvement of 'karmas'.

These are the means to eradicate most of the Problems and Suffering, satisfy one's quest for Spiritual knowledge and fulfil one's Worldly desires, attain Cosmic Blessings and Material Benefits, and lead a happy fulfilled life.

All Recommendations and Remedies are performed with the expert guidance, supervision and blessings of 'Gurudev Narayan Maharaj Ji' who has more than 50 years of experience in Astrology, Spirituality and Occult and has solved the problems of millions of people all over the world.

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