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Talisman is a powerful object which is charged with mystical powers in order to attract a certain type of energy or create a particular type of effect in a person's life. Talisman is like a Spiritual Magnet which draws and invites Cosmic and Benefic powers of the Universe to help the Beneficiary attain what he/she desires in life thru' their blessings and benignness.

A true working Talisman can remove obstacles, open doors to new opportunities, solve problems, improve situations and circumstances, eradicate misfortunes and help one realize unfulfilled dreams.

A true Talisman is used only for positive purposes, and not made or used to hurt or harm anyone, or take advantage of others. It is made of icons of positive energy present in the Universe, and uses these invisible sources of energy to act/work for the advantage of the individual, to help him fulfil his worldly dreams and ambitions, or protect him from misfortune. A true Talisman attracts more positive forces from the Universe and repels negative forces and evil influences.

A true Talisman cannot be readymade or pre-made - it has to be custom-made for the person who shall wear it, and specially charged and energized for him so that he is able to use this energy to achieve or attain whatever he desires. Only such a personalized and custom-made Talisman is pro-active and effective, and one is able to derive the desired benefit from it.

A true Talisman works best when it is backed by the faith and earnestness of the Wearer. A Talisman is like a silent prayer to Nature for it's help and blessings, so it is imperative for the person wishing for these benefits to bestow full faith and belief in his worship. One's faith and perseverance will yield the same effect as fertilizer for a plant, and help one derive more and more benefit from one's Talisman.

Gurudev's Personalized Talismans

Gurudev's Personalized Talismans are made specifically for the Wearer as per his/her Personal Details and Birth Data. As per Gurudev, Talisman should ideally be worn in the Neck or around the Arm for maximum benefit. One can also carry it on Self and experience some of it's benefits, though real benefit can be enjoyed only by wearing it on the body.

It takes 7 days for each Talisman to be made.

The Personalized Talismans made by us are :

Gurudev's Talisman for Wealth and Prosperity.
Gurudev's Talisman for Luck and Good Fortune.
Gurudev's Talisman for Success and Rise in Profession.
Gurudev's Talisman for Good Health and Cure of Diseases.
Gurudev's Talisman for Love and Compatibility in Relationships/Marriage.
Gurudev's Talisman for Suitable Partner and Marital bliss.

Anyone interested in ordering any of the above Talismans can write to talismans@godpromise.com for further details and information.

All Talismans are made
under the expert guidance and supervision of 'Gurudev Narayan Maharaj Ji' who has more than 50 years of experience in Astrology, Spirituality & Occult and has attained 551 Siddhis.

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