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Extracts from Discourses of Gurudev Narayan Maharaj Ji
It is very easy to get into something but not so easy to find the way to get out of it.
It is very easy to fall prey to bad habits but not so easy to get out of them.
Practice living your life as if you have very little time left rather than as if you have all the time in the world.
When you grow up in life you have to be your own teacher and your own guide.
You have to discipline your own self, correct your own bad habits, punish your own self for your mistakes.
And be your own Watchdog.
At every stage of life, there are some good things and some bad things.
Sometimes one fails to see the good in any way and feels that there can be nothing good in the state and condition one is in.
But at some stage one is able to see the good in that situation or the good that was the result of being in that situation.
Effort should be not to go wrong.
Rather than to correct yourself when you go wrong.
Resolve that you will not go wrong and do wrong.
If and when you go wrong, the harm is already done.
Don't confuse a Wish with an Obsession.
A wish fills the heart with joy whether it is fulfilled or not.
An obsession creates sorrow in the heart whether it is fulfilled or not.
Whatever you learn, remember it for the whole of your life.
Do not ever forget what you have once learnt.
Do not wish for exceptions for your loved ones.
When you make exceptions for them, you make exceptions for yourself too.
A true Guru should be like a farmer who throws seeds of knowledge at random.
He should not see which seed has grown into a sapling and which has just got wasted.
Or who has used the knowledge and wisdom he has given and who has not.
His work is to give the knowledge and wisdom he has.
There is no point looking at the past or running after it.
What is gone is gone.
One should look at the future and move ahead instead of yearning for the past to come back.

Everything in this Universe happens with GOD'S Will.
Even the Devil is a part of His Universe.
He created him for His own reasons.
Knowledge remains just words unless it is applied to one's life.
Just knowing the right thing is not enough.
One has to apply it to one's life and put it into practice.
God is always there, whether you can feel His presence or not.
When you need Him most and call for Him, He is always there besides you.
When you are lost and don't know the way, He catches your finger and leads you to the right path.
When you are tired and confused and cannot walk any longer, He picks you up and carries you in His arms.
In Kalyuga, life is more difficult for a human being. Fulfilment of desires is not easy.
One faces numerous hindrances, problems and difficulties. One has to make extra effort and take additional steps to get what one desires.
This is where Vedic Astrology comes in.

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