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Yajna or Yagya is the act of showing reverence to the Cosmic Power and various Deities through Invocations, Prayers, Vedic rites and rituals, Mantra recitation, Fire ceremony called 'Hawan' or Homa, and Special offerings. It is the process of paying Obeisance and making Offerings to the Deities and other Divine Powers thru' rigorous Worship for their blessings for a happy, peaceful and prosperous life, or any other Material or Spiritual benefits that the Beneficiary or Devotee may desire.

An essential part of a Yajna is for the Devotee to make a Spiritual connection with the Deity or the Cosmic Power from whom he is seeking the Favor, Blessing or Benefit. When this connection is made, and the Deity is appeased and pleased with the worship and sentiment of the Worshipper, one is showered with Cosmic blessings and Wish-fulfillment.

Yajna can only be performed by an accomplished Spiritual Guru. It is most essential that the Yajna be performed strictly as per laid down Vedic Rites after following all prescribed and stringent Rules, and with observance of all necessary Instructions and Precautions.

Yajna directly benefits the Person or family of the Person who is paying for all expenses incurred on it, and on whose behalf the Yajna is being performed. He is the sole Beneficiary of the Yajna.


Types of Yajnas

Yajnas can broadly be classified into3  C categories for the convenience of the Beneficiaries d by us are :

Planetary Yajnas

To appease Planets and ward off their Ill-effects.


Surya Yajna (Sun).
Chandra Yajna (Moon).
Mangal Yajna (Mars).
Budh Yajna (Mercury).
Guru Yajna (Jupiter).
Shukra Yajna (Venus).
Shani Yajna (Saturn).
Rahu Yajna (Dragon's head).
Ketu Yajna (Dragon's tail).
Special NavGraha Yajna (All 9 Planets).

Deity Yajnas

To appease Deities and get their Blessings.


Kali Yajna.
Saraswati Yajna.
Durga Yajna.
Gayatri Yajna.
MahaLaxmi Yajna.
BaglaMukhi Yajna.
Ganesh Yajna.
Kuber Yajna.
Vastu Yajna.
MahaMritanjay Yajna.
Any other Deity Yajna.

Yajnas for Wish-fulfillment

To invoke Cosmic powers for Fulfilment of desires.


Yajna for Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance of individual or family.
Yajna for invoking Luck, Good Fortune and Success in all ventures.
Yajna for Success and Growth in career/business, and Edge over competitors.
Yajna for Good Health and Elimination of diseases.
Yajna for Peace, Happiness, and Contentment.
Yajna for Love, Marriage, Relationships, and finding Suitable Partner.
Yajna for increasing Love, Understanding and Compatibility between partners.
Yajna for clearing Debts and Outstandings.
Yajna for success in Litigation and Law Suits.
Yajna for peace of Ancestors and their Blessings in all walks of life.
Yajna for 'Past Karma' cleansing and improvement of 'Present Karmas'.
Any other Wish-fulfillment Yajna.

Anyone interested in getting any of the above Yajnas performed can write to yajna@godpromise.com for more details and information.

All Yajnas are performed under the expert guidance and supervision of
'Gurudev Narayan Maharaj Ji'
who has more than 50 years of experience in Astrology, Spirituality & Occult and has attained 551 Siddhis.
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