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Yoga is self-diagnosis, healing, prevention, and maintenance. Although it is not a substitute for your doctor, it has been developed and practiced safely and successfully by millions of people who never had doctors, for thousands of years. If you are under a doctor's care already, or are seriously out of shape, then you should consult your primary health care provider before beginning yoga practice.

If you were perfectly healthy, you would be able to do most yoga postures and exercises easily with minimal effort. Therefore as you begin learning the basic stretches, you will immediately discover where your deficiencies are. Do not let yourself be discouraged by this. Your body has adapted itself as perfectly as possible to all of the things you have done (or not done) with it over the course of your entire life up until now.

If you experience pain or other stress-related ailments it is merely a reflection of your body's inability to adapt perfectly to the (usually lack of) activity you have habituated to. Your body is perfectly capable of adapting to the demands you will begin placing on it in your practice, IF you give it the care and respect it deserves! It is easy and unwise to overdo it. It is essential to discover your limits and safely, gently, begin to expand them.

The reason yoga produces such profound states of well-being is that it substitutes for the kinds of activities our bodies and minds are naturally designed for. No other creatures except us attempt to hold our spines upright and straight constantly. If walking on two legs wasn't bad enough, we sit in chairs, wear restrictive clothing and tight shoes. Freeing yourself regularly from this confinement by practicing yoga will predictably give most people a heightened sense of well-being.

Experiences of Yogis

Some people think it is divine. Others find it addicting and a powerfully effective substitute for negative habits. Yoga techniques substitute for the kinds of activities our human ancestors must have done in the course of their arboreal lives. It is pretty safe to say that if humans also lived and hung around trees all their lives, like other primates, then 70% to 90% of them would ever suffer from chronic back, neck, and head pain.

Obviously it takes time for your body to tuck itself in here and fill out there. Tissues have to grow, Others need to shrink. This is why it is important to drink lots of water and eat ample amounts of wholesome food in conjunction with regular moderate practice. In challenging those muscles to remodel themselves, you are literally clearing out lots of junk from your tissues. Metabolites generated by the exertion as well as toxins that have accumulated over the years because of the poor circulation associated with sedentary lifestyle. It has taken time for you to wind yourself up in a knot. So, naturally, it will take time to unwind.

Enjoy Yoga

The essence of yoga is to make the process as efficient and enjoyable as possible. In the beginning it is therefore essential that you learn not only what the stretches are, but how to stretch, How to relax, How to breathe. Then you will really be ready to workout - safely. Realizing the progress made often inspires yogis to sing for joy in praise for such divine providence! YOGA is the original song and dance!

Yoga instils qualities like - Genuineness, Wholesomeness and Compassion within you.  It teaches you that love heals the giver at least as much as it does the recipient. And therein dwells the sacred power of community, union, harmony, yoga, and free and fair civilization.

As you practice these simple exercises you will immediately find out what needs the most attention, while giving it the attention it needs. The effects are immediate and the results keep becoming more apparent the longer and more often you engage in the pure self-indulgent healing art of yoga. Yoga is as magical as the power of life itself. 

Yoga performed without proper guidance and teaching can be very dangerous and one should be extremely cautious before starting it.

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